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Investment Details

With over 19 years of experience, we know what it takes to be a successful franchisee! Our most successful franchisees:

  • Love working with people to help them look and feel their very best.
  • Enjoy managing a team of professionals.
  • Embrace working within established and proven systems.
  • Understand the worth of recurring revenue streams.
  • Value the additional revenue options, such as exclusive Planet Beach products.
  • Have a passion for the beauty and wellness industry.
  • Recognize that technology is changing the way the world rejuvenates, by creating more consistent experiences using the latest innovations in spa automation.

As part of the multi-billion dollar beauty and wellness industry, Planet Beach is expanding its presence across domestic and international regions. We are positioned for continued success and growth in the spray tanning and spa industries, which makes it the perfect time to join the largest automated spa franchise in the world.

We offer the following franchise opportunities:

  • Single-Unit

    A single unit franchise is perfect for the individual who loves the wellness and health industry and is looking for a business opportunity to achieve both personal and business goals.

    Single-Unit Franchise Fee: $39,950

  • Multi-Unit

    A multi-unit opportunity is designed for the individual who has the desire to build a greater opportunity for themselves. This person is a leader and has skills to oversee multiple locations, ability to manage multiple team members and builds the Planet Beach brand in the communities you are licensed to develop.

    Multi-unit franchise fee: $69,950 USD for two, $89,950 USD for three and $20,000 USD for each additional license option thereafter. All license options must be granted at the time the initial franchise agreement is executed.

  • Master Franchisee (International)

    A Master Franchise opportunity allows people or corporations to be granted the rights to sub-franchise the Planet Beach brand within a certain country. This gives the Master Franchisee the exclusive right to grant and/or open any given number of franchises in his or her given country. Like the Regional Developer opportunity, the Master Franchise will generate revenue from franchise fees and royalties and in some cases; may participate in the distribution of products and services in their respective country.

    For details, complete our inquiry form and you will be contacted by our Planet Beach Specialist.

    Master Franchise fee and investment: To be discussed when we have a call.


The following financial requirements are necessary for consideration to become a Planet Beach spray & spa franchisee:

  • A minimum of $65,000 in cash/liquid assets
  • Net worth of $300,000 or higher
  • FICO of 680 or higher

Franchisee Testimonials

  • Single-Unit

    “I am a franchisee and operate the automated spa in Centerville, Utah with my husband. I learned of Planet Beach by becoming a member of the Logan, Utah location. I figured if the one in Logan can be successful, then we could totally do it. And I loved the concept and I loved Planet Beach. What it does for its members is pretty incredible. We opened our location in July 2012 after selling a record number of memberships, nearly three times the average, before we even opened the doors! My advice for anyone interested in opening their own franchise is that they have to be determined to be successful while having a sense of urgency about it. They have to use the resources available to them.”

    ~ Carrie Baugh

  • Multi-Unit

    “Being a Multi-Unit Franchisee for Planet Beach Franchising is one of the brightest spots inmy life. I truly do not think as being just a business owner, but being a part of a family. The help that we have received over the years has been absolutely amazing. The teaching, the training and the evolution of the company as a wholehas helped push myself and my team to new heights as well as our business. It is truly the best Franchise outthere. In exactly one year we went from having one location to opening our second location and rapidlyworked to turn that one around as well! I have yet to hear of another Franchise thatallows that rapid of growth! Every day we learn something new and are lucky enough tohave to have a team behind us that truly believes that is important at the corporate office!

    ~ Wyatt Fodero

  • Regional Developer (Domestic)

    “Our continued success is due to the perfect match of our entrepreneurial spirit with Planet Beach’s innovative, proven operating system and sound leadership. With such an amazing product, the lack of real competition and passion behind our brand; we have incredible potential for future growth. We’ve been able to achieve both our personal and financial goals and we love every minute of it!”

    ~ Tim and Teresa Normand

  • Master Franchisee (International)

    “We were granted our initial Territory, Alberta Canada, in 2005 and loved it so much that in 2008 we also expanded into British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; comprising all four Western Canadian Provinces. Overall, we are extremely happy with our decision to expand. Franchising with Planet Beach has been a very positive but constant challenge both personally and professionally. Personally, we have been able to meet so many wonderful and supportive people throughout the Planet Beach network; many of who have become very close personal friends. Master Licensing has a very steep learning curve. So many things to learn: from contract law, franchise recruiting; turnkey development and how to provide effective support to the Franchisees.

    So many people, in so many departments, have been instrumental in our success. I do believe that without the Mentorship of David Mesa, we may not have made it this far. Many of the Departments have gone above and beyond, such as Training, Marketing, IT, and Product Specialist. They have always been very supportive and right there with answers or solutions in time of need. Planet Beach has a great team, great leadership and a wonderful product.”

    ~ Mark and Michelle Blaney

Financing your Planet Beach spray & spa

We’re here to help. Financing a franchise is easier than funding a startup business, and we’ve made this step easier than it’s ever been. To explore financing options for your new Planet Beach spa, we have several relationships established with third party financing companies that can make this process easier.  We look forward to discussing this with you.


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